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Creation and development of a website for lawyers and law firms

Our company is comprehensively engaged in the development and promotion of websites to promote legal services. 

Maybe you can become our next regular customer!
Our main advantage is the high conversion rate of sites and the possibility of its organic promotion and promotion in Google. 

After all, it is important to make future potential clients out of site visitors.
Lawyers need a well-built website to attract clients and promote legal services.

We don’t just set up ads, we generate customers for your business.

Creating a website for a law firm

Our company works on the principle of customer-centricity. According to this principle, your site should ideally answer these 5 questions in less than 7 seconds that every Internet user asks when they come to the site:

  • What can this lawyer do for me?
  • Who is this lawyer?
  • Why should I trust this lawyer?
  • How is this lawyer different from others?
  • What is the next step?
digital-marketing for lawyers

Order Website Development

Website for a lawyer as a tool to attract clients. Is it worth it to make a website for one lawyer?

A site with interesting content for visitors and a good natural link can bring law firms more revenue for business, while informing potential clients and doing site promotion.
In the same way, informational communication is allowed, allowing attorneys to have social media accounts to distribute and promote advice and news. 

Like all other sites, the lawyer’s site must comply with legal restrictions regarding cookies, legal notices and compliance with European privacy regulations.
A lawyer’s website should reflect the image of the profession while being both serious and elegant, and can be very dynamic. 

A modern design is not inconsistent with the image visitors expect to find on a lawyer’s page.
Attorneys say they want to create, design or redesign their website to have better visibility for their clients, which means they need page promotion. 

Competition, especially digital competition, is especially intense today. Many litigators are looking for a lawyer online and are no longer shy about comparing offers, but there are many technical and strategic hurdles to overcome when developing and promoting an effective website.

A website is not just a showcase, you should always have at least one goal to promote with the promotion of legal services in this format. The site (a good one) instantly reaches the right client, it does not magically generate traffic and promotion, because without tracking it is a black box.

Are you sure you really want a site that serves to attract clients through promoting your own visibility? An attorney’s page is too often viewed only as a storefront; in fact, it’s more like a sorting station than a storefront. Its role is to weed out clients you don’t want.

You need to avoid wasting unnecessary time and encourage relevant potential customers to take action. Understanding which clients to push to action and which to push out requires well thought-out positioning and quality website design to promote, promote and scale legal services.

Price for the development of legal websites

Now more and more companies are accelerating their digital transformation and promotion to gain the trust of potential law firm clients in the first place. Many start by creating, developing and promoting a more modern website with features tailored to the profession.

Now you can further transform the work of lawyers and their inquiries. In different sections, visitors can put a question, wait for an answer to a query, sign up for a consultation, browse through different sections on the firm’s page to get acquainted with the work, values, experience of the firm and its employees.

If you want to get a quote for your site with a guarantee of promotion, you can do it now.
The price for the development of legal websites in our company depends on the complexity and number of pages. Also the price for our services will vary depending on the design. We work on the principle of customer focus.

Remember, the user must be able to choose in 7 seconds! We will work with you to make sure that from a user and a simple visitor he will become a potential customer of legal services on the page of your law firm.

Order a turnkey website for a lawyer with us - it is to get a working product and the first customers in the first month of cooperation

A good site for the promotion and promotion of legal services is a sorting station, but in order to sort, there must be users who come to the site! Our company will help you find your first clients in the first month of cooperation.

Today, a law firm must have an online presence. A lawyer’s website will allow you to present your activities and detail your services and references.

Having a website will allow you to offer clients such important features as an online appointment for a consultation, video conference reception, access to various information and secure exchange of documents through technical capabilities.

There are several software packages on the market to create your own website. Some solutions are more focused on creating simple storefront websites to promote your firm and promote its features. Some programs are ideal for the needs of a law firm, with additional options such as online meeting scheduling or creating a client area to quickly share important information.

Here are some tips for designing, promoting and promoting a website:
The site should have an informative design with a small administrative area to connect with potential clients.
The specialization of the law firm should be displayed very quickly, as well as the city in which you are located.
A simple and administrative design will confirm the professional nature of your law firm.

Well-written and simple texts will convincingly testify to your competence, feel free to add some technical details, highlighting the right information for users.
A team presentation is a good way to communicate the scope of the company.

Can I make a website for a law firm on my own?

Undoubtedly, you can try to make a website on your own. The lawyer has the right to make every effort to promote and promote the services on their own, but this is likely to be a bad effect. Such a site will certainly have a low conversion rate.

In the future, the lawyer will have to redesign the site created by them. Although he will spend time on it, will try hard, but it is better to turn to professionals who will do the analysis for the possibilities of your page, find the target audience of the lawyer, with whom he will come to potential customers who already trust him.

Search engines and social networks are indispensable tools to develop, make quality content, good promotion of lawyers and to be easily found according to your specialization.

Not being visible online means missing out on many opportunities that other firms will quickly take advantage of.
With a well-designed and optimized website, you’ll show up in Google searches, and people who contact you will know in advance where your practice is located, what you specialize in and what you can help them with. In other words, your traffic will be qualified.

There are many factors to consider for optimization and promotion, whether it’s SEO (search engine optimization), structure to present information well and invite visitors to contact you, or form with design and the need for your site to be responsive and useful.

What is better Landing page business card or multi-page website for the law firm?

An understated, modern and welcoming design ensures a pleasant online experience for your audience. By creating a website for lawyers with a simple, uncluttered design, you assert your professionalism and make first contact with clients easier.
An optimal user experience increases your chances of converting visitors into leads. You should immediately emphasize the fact that you need a separate page for each service. A law office website should contain:

  • A choice of a regulated domain name and geographic extension
  • modern and simple design for a lawyer
    accessibility for all (deaf, visually impaired and disabled)
  • responsive design: adapted for mobile users and optimal page load speed
  • content written and optimized as a request
    each keyword must be thoughtful, weighted and meaningful
  • useful information from different practices
    links, optimization, promotion, promotion, visibility on the Internet.

Setting up and the importance of analytics for a legal services website. How to determine who the target audience of the lawyer's website is?

The lawyer’s target audience should be determined depending on the services the lawyer offers. They can be intended for both corporate clients of the company and civil clients. 

Depending on the lawyer’s functions, you can build an avatar of the potential client with their problems, requests, needs, and urgent questions to pinpoint the target audience. 

The term web analytics is used to refer to any activity that collects, measures and analyzes behavior and audiences to understand and optimize user experience and site performance, it is based on data collected by audience measurement and analysis tools such as Google Analytics. Simply put, it’s data about:

  • Who is visiting our site?
  • How did those visitors arrive?
  • What were they doing once they got to the page?
  • Where did they go next?
  • And much more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Promoting Lawyers' Websites

You need a separate page for each service. Even if people already know about the law firm or are aware of your brand, whether by recommendation or from advertising, they are more likely to look online for information about you before they call you.

Did someone like the way you defended one of your clients?

They’ll type your name into Google and hopefully come across your website, where you can showcase your expertise by adding various relevant sections about the firm and its work, as well as the values and professionalism of the company, to increase client confidence through promotion of your legal services website.

It takes from 2 weeks to design and build a lawyer’s website. First we do market research on competitors. Then the specialists of our company determine the necessary amount of content. Order our services right now!

Conversion is when a visitor takes an action on your site. There are several types of conversions: registering for a newsletter, requesting a meeting, calling, requesting information, or purchasing services and advice online. The turnover generated is important: but knowing the number of orders and inquiries during the month, clicks to consult or search for answers to questions are all e-commerce statistics that allow you to see your profitability in perspective. Estimating prospects is the basis of your daily work to assess the return on your actions, legal services and advice online.

A lawyer’s website is a sorting station that should push relevant clients to action, most often in law firms the desired action is for the relevant client to contact the firm, so the client’s destination should be the contact page (or popup/insert, etc.).

You need to imagine the typical paths your internet user will take to reach the goal; there may be several, for example, depending on different customer needs, concerns, and requests.

A site with good promotion and quality content requires a lawyer to think client-oriented, it can be a page of just one lawyer who wants to promote and promote legal services.

The average Internet user makes a decision (continue or leave) in 7 seconds, so you must address your client accurately, quickly and efficiently.