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SMM for law firms involves much more than just publishing articles on the company blog.

We don’t just set up ads, we generate customers for your business.

social media marketing for lawyers

🏆 Creating consistent, high-quality content is critical to the success of a firm’s marketing efforts and, accordingly, the promotion of legal services.

🎯 SMM Content marketing is the best way to communicate a law firm’s knowledge and expertise to your target audience. By sharing and promoting the best ideas, the law firm will gain public trust and increase its influence with potential clients.

💰 Over time, through smm promotion, potential clients will perceive the firm and its lawyers as experts capable of solving any complex legal problem.

👨🏻💼 Thus, when the need arises, your firm will be called a thought leader in the field, but remember that promoting legal services and composing quality content cannot be achieved without hard work and strategic thinking on your part.

serp holders smm

Social media marketing for law firm

We advise you to have a specific person in mind every time you prepare content. Analysis, topics of the blog and posts, queries – are important for the promotion and further growth of the site, because it is important to make a customer from a site visitor, to interest them in order to leave an application on the company pages. 

Put yourself in their place and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are you communicating with?
  • What is their role in the company?
  • What problems are they facing?
  • What are their concerns?


Lawyers are not allowed on social media:


  • Include any defamatory statements or comparisons to other attorneys in content on the page.
  • Advertisements must not contain lies to deceive clients.
  • Refer to activities or services other than those directly related to its functions.
  • Refer to unrecognized professional qualifications or to a non-existent entity.
  • Violate the ethical rules of his or her profession.

Social media advertising for lawyers

Creating a social media profile is available to everyone, what is less simple is to put together a good profile correctly, which should reflect as accurately as possible the professional personality and activities, bringing you forward and increasing your visibility, without being a narcissistic showcase, and respecting the ethical rules of the profession to do quality legal services promotion.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, a law firm’s social media presence is essential. They provide significant visibility and are a great showcase for quickly reaching a large target audience.
Social media are technically peculiar vectors that allow us to share and spread a positive reputation.

Being active on the networks, a lawyer can present areas of his practice, career, company news and demonstrate positions and competence in different cases by publishing articles on the page, such promotion of legal services helps to find new clients, retain existing ones and improve the reputation of the company.