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SEO for accounting firms and accountants

To be visible on the Internet, it is not enough to have your own website, even for an accounting firm it is important to optimize SEO.
We know how to attract clients from Google search without paying for clicks.

We not only place ads, but also generate customers for your company.


To get the most out of your investment, you need to follow all of Google’s recommendations
Our strategy will include :
An audit of your competitors and market volume;

  • Analysis and budgeting for promotion;
  • Selection of keywords to focus on;
  • Preparation of the terms of reference for the team
  • Defining the portrait of your target audience;
  • strategy and frequency of content publication.


Get clients for your business

SEO-optimization of the accounting company website

With the increasing use of the Internet, it’s critical for a company to have a website, but natural links need to be well developed to effectively reach an audience.
Do you have an accounting firm and are looking for a way to optimize your site’s visibility?
How do you position your accounting firm’s website in the top Google results?

To do this, take a topic of interest to your target clients, and it’s important to use the right keywords to improve your text that will allow you to respond to users’ needs. In addition to the text content, the graphic quality of the site is another important element, this includes the design and images used.
Good site architecture and internal links make it easier for visitors to explore your site.
You should also improve the loading speed of your pages. One more thing: local SEO is a must if you want to be at the top of geolocalized search results.

Improving local SEO will allow you to attract more customers in your locality.
To optimize your site, you need to start by improving its content – your texts should be engaging and consistent.

Be careful to avoid duplicate content: your content should be unique. Your social media presence is also an important element of website optimization, especially since the growing use of communication channels gives you the opportunity to improve your image and expand your accounting firm’s client base.

We will perform an SEO audit to fill and eliminate any gaps in your site, as well as a competitor analysis to ensure better online positioning by choosing the right keywords and phrases.

Promotion of accounting services in Google

Creating a Google ad campaign may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not that difficult if you understand a few things, such as what you’re selling or offering, who you’re selling to, and how much you want to spend.

Armed with these answers, you can research what keywords will work and how much they will cost. Determine what you are selling, such as tax services, accounting or CFO outsourcing, etc.

However, choose only one topic for each ad group. Determine your target market.
Where are they geographically located (down to the zip code if you want to be really specific)? You can choose a region, such as a county or three states in some cases, a country, a state, multiple zip codes, etc.

Keep in mind that the larger the geography, the larger the budget. You need to research keywords to find the most popular keyword phrases that Internet users are searching for (not what you think they are searching for in industry terms or using). Google pays special attention to ad length: there must be a web page (preferably a landing page with a form) for the ad link.