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Development of a website for accounting companies

Our company develops websites for accountants and auditors that generate a steady stream of traffic. Our sites are fast, secure and ready for promotion.

The design and architecture are built individually for each client and ensures you can convert your advertising budget with maximum efficiency.

We don’t just set up ads, we generate customers for your business.

Why website conversion is important for an accounting firm

When we talk about conversion rate to sales, we mean the ratio between the number of customers received and the total number of visitors.

This ratio is relevant for both online and offline stores, as well as for entrepreneurs who promote their own services. In this way we can evaluate the effectiveness of attracting visitors to paid services, brand recognition, and the face of the entrepreneur.

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Creating a website for an accountant with a high conversion rate

Our company is comprehensively engaged in the development of a website for accounting services. The main advantage of our team is the high conversion rate of websites and the possibility of its organic promotion in Google. SEO, SEA, SMO – these are anglicisms that seem far removed from the daily life of an accounting firm, but they are crucial to its visibility. SEO is a solution that delivers results for a professional’s business.

When you are told about a person, company or product that you don’t know, your first reflex, like everyone else’s, is to “Google” the information. This simple illustration demonstrates the need for our services for your business.
It is now important for companies from all industries to have a relevant online presence in order to be visible to clients, prospects, colleagues, and other opportunities. In fact, an accounting firm can’t neglect to promote its services online across multiple platforms, risking depriving itself of a major economic space.

A website, blog, social media profiles and publishing regular content are a necessity, in addition to what appears to be the tip of the iceberg, a lot of work needs to be done to become visible online, and that work also consists of link optimization and comprehensive promotion of accounting services. SEO focuses on getting a page indexed in a search engine; the goal is to let Google and other users know you exist. SEO is about improving rankings in search engine results; in other words, you meet Google’s criteria to appear at the top of search results.

What should an accounting company website consist of?

A website should be designed with the needs of your typical customers in mind, only then can you stand out and bring more value to your users. 

A well-designed website, backed by digital contact generation strategies (the very principle of inbound marketing) and design, will allow you to automate the marketing, sales and technical processes of your business. Providing more advice is a major challenge for future account strategies. 

When developing a content strategy, the buyer’s journey will allow you to tailor your content for maximum impact: 80% of content is centered around a specific problem (very few do this), 15% around a solution to that problem, and finally 5% around a service that offers a solution (most companies do this). 94% of people who post blog and website articles do so because they think they can be useful to others, in fact, we can’t stress enough the importance of developing a clear, structured blog and creating educational content that provides advice and concrete answers to questions and problems that arise for your customers and clients.

You need to have an online presence today because that’s where potential customers will be looking for you. And here you have a choice: spend hours creating the design, color matching, shaping the right image and building the overall picture of your blog and profiles, or trust a professional to do it. 

Digital strategies like inbound marketing or growth-oriented design will allow you to optimize your investment, allowing you to accurately calculate the ROI of your actions, here are 2 interesting features you can implement to improve your customer relationships:
Create a documentation area on the site to share documents with your customers.
Create a personalized site whose display is dynamic and dependent on your visitor, allowing you to offer an optimal user experience and develop customer interest in your services.
As an accountant, you support your clients in managing their business, either physically or digitally, but word of mouth is no longer enough to make a name for yourself. 

Your clients are likely to be looking for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, consumers are becoming increasingly mobile. With a cell phone in hand, they can get information, make an appointment, make a purchase, order a service or make an appointment for a consultation. 

Customers want to have access to information whenever they want, instantly and without any effort, so they can solve serious problems quickly and have answers to various questions. The site can provide the exact information your customers are looking for.

Accountant website design

If you work in a highly competitive industry (which is typical for accountants), have you ever paid attention to how many of your competitors have a beautiful and user-friendly website? Having a well-designed website will help build relationships and partnerships that will allow your business to grow. Attracting the attention of your target audience is all about choosing the right themes and backgrounds for your site, that is, forming the right images and overall picture on the site. 

Choosing the right color schemes, font styles and sizes, and the right background is key to attracting customers, the way the public perceives your accounting website is determined by the color scheme and its aesthetic effect. Your accounting website is nice to look at if you use a vibrant and dynamic template.

Your main product is your service. It’s the starting point for your goal: to be the berries in your niche – the accounting field. To make your accounting website model more practical and trustworthy, you need to market your services well, so it’s important to add a clear list of services. 

Show a complete list of services that you can provide to your site visitors, this way your accounting site will not only be very useful, but more importantly, it will give your future clients an idea of what they can expect from you as a professional. Contact information is also a must when designing an accounting website – it’s the best way to get to know your clients directly so you can send them emails, updates or other news about your services.

Similarly, placing a registration form for contact information makes it easier for clients to contact you. Every customer wants to feel special attention, they all expect exceptional service from you, by offering premium offers through membership plans, you can build stronger relationships with your customers. Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, are also a must for any accounting website. 

Any client may have questions about the business, and this section usually answers all the common questions. FAQs, or frequently asked questions, can be placed in the section of your accounting website to give it a tone of professionalism and good communication. By browsing through this section, your potential customers will get answers to their common questions and won’t waste time searching elsewhere.

Development of the accounting company website with us - guarantees a return on advertising

Before taking any action, it is necessary to assess the situation and the overall picture: a digital visibility audit should be conducted on the following elements of SEO:

organic: examine the site and its content by criteria of position, search volume, competition, traffic, keywords, devices, sources;
paid: measure ads, keywords, landing page, rates;
social: evaluate profile/page, content, competition, interaction, virality, number of followers;
local: search volume, reviews and comments, competition, traffic, keywords, devices, sources.

The magic formula: SEO + SEA + SMO = SEM. Search Engine Marketing combines all available methods and actions to improve visibility. SEO and SEA will maximize your search results and website positioning in search queries. 

If an accountant does not communicate their status, to a third party not familiar with their sector, the concept, work and content of the accounting firm, so it will be difficult to identify and find them. The Internet allows you to be visible from anywhere, on a variety of media (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), in perpetuity.
Today, 70% of a consumer’s buying journey is made online without any contact with an accountant, so a firm’s digital presence is critical to meeting the needs of today’s generation. 

Online visibility is a great way to increase the attractiveness of the profession as well as boost commercial activity (client search and loyalty). Clients are now more likely to expect to find an accountant online in their searches, the absence of a firm sends a signal of distrust to candidates and limits their appeal. In the digital age, it is important to have a block of services demonstrated online and the concept of an accounting firm in an online format. To stay competitive and ensure the sustainability of your accounting firm, the best choice is undoubtedly a custom website!

The cost of creating the site will pay off in the first month. How much does it cost to develop a site?


Immediately it should be noted that it is better not to take cheap freelancers. A website for an accountant is now a necessity. You need to invest in quality work, design, content and comprehensive promotion of accounting services, rather than look for cheap opportunities. The cost of our work depends on your objectives. If you decide to contact us, leave an application now! Digital visibility plays an important role in our society today, so it’s important for professionals to use the appropriate tools to make their firm visible.

This work takes the form of separate but complementary strategies that consist of optimizing visibility in four positions:

SEO – covers techniques used to improve a site’s positioning in search engine results. It should be noted that this work is based solely on the Google search engine;

SEA – includes the optimization and creation of advertisements (sponsored links) that appear in search engine results. The goal is to rank directly at the top of the first page results in exchange for payment from the Google ad network. This requires the use of the Google Ads tool, which allows you to build, distribute and manage your advertising campaign (keywords, budget, time, goals, etc.) in the search engine;

SMO – focuses on actions to increase your social referencing, in other words, your visibility on social media. The goal is to generate interaction, virality, and promote website content;

Local SEO – combines SEO techniques specific to local queries. It’s about offering the Internet user a response according to their geolocation. This work is very useful for traditional firms, which usually have a limited territory of activity (city, region).

To better navigate this myriad of variables, here are the main criteria, grouped into four points, which are commonly referred to as the “four pillars of SEO”:
Technical aspects of the site’s internal configuration;
content for subject matter and search traffic
user experience (UX), corresponding to ease of navigation and ergonomics
the authority associated with the popularity and credibility of the site.

Website development accounting and tax accounting will give you the benefits

A website to promote accounting services is now a necessity, so you need to be able to select the appropriate colors and images for the design, form content properly and promote accounting services. When SEO work has already begun, there are three benefits over time:


  • Free traffic to your site (68% of site traffic is organic);
  • A long-term source of traffic;
  • A targeted audience that leads to a high conversion rate.

On the other hand, SEO requires serious concessions: significant and regular work (it takes six months to a year to get significant results), Google regularly changes the indexing criteria. SEA’s interest stems from the concrete results from launching an advertising campaign, the high conversion rate, and the fact that the tool provided for you to manage your advertising campaigns allows you to quickly and easily measure your ROI. 

If the essential features of the site change (adding new features or capabilities), the company has a choice between immediately writing off or immobilizing costs, particularly the case when a simple site that represents a company’s activities turns into an e-commerce site. 

E-entrepreneurs have to have a website, which means they have to spend money to create or buy a website, create or buy a domain name and contract for network access and hosting. But how are these costs accounted for in accounting?

The accounting and tax treatment of website creation costs depends on the stage of creation at which they were incurred:
Costs incurred during the preliminary research phase are immediately deductible: feasibility studies, selecting vendors, resolving preliminary legal issues, identifying internal resources to work on website design and development, etc,

Costs incurred during the development and production phase of a site can either be capitalized or immediately deducted
: acquisition or development of the necessary software, production of technical documentation, etc,
costs incurred during the operation phase are considered deductible expenses: staff training costs, costs for registration in directories and search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions on Promoting Lawyers' Websites

You shouldn’t take a website template for accounting services, and the best solution would be to order it from us. If there are thousands of accountants, you and your website need to stand out from the crowd, you need to demonstrate your unique DNA, your taste and personality.

Together we can create a website that reflects you and the future brand of your accounting firm. We’ll also give you tips on how to revitalize your website, accounting firm design and concept, expand your network and grow your client base with your online presence.

A multi-page site will make it possible to cover all subcategories and better promote accounting services. Such a site will in any case be better suited to the client’s request than a landing page.

Your website is your business card on the Internet. It serves to represent you, differentiating you from other players in the market, but that’s not the only purpose. Its content and functionality are the tools that make you stand out from the competition.

It takes up to 30 days to create an accounting website. The duration of the project depends on your requests, complexity, design and concept. Visibility among Internet users is key to an effective communication strategy.

The primary goal of your website is to get in front of clients looking for an accounting firm quickly. Traditionally, an accountant has been limited to a local clientele, but in the digital age and thanks to dematerialized management tools, distance becomes irrelevant.